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Pastor’s Aide
The primary objective of our Pastor’s Aide ministry is to assist and show appreciation to our Pastor for his leadership and spiritual guidance in the Church. We lovingly serve through prayer, financial support, and encouraging words and deeds.

Music and Arts
The Music and Arts ministry utilizes many talents pertaining to voice, instrument and dance to lift up our Lord. Music consist of the Bridge Choir, Joshua Generation (youth & young adults), and Judah (Praise & Worship). The Arts consists of our Flag, Step, and Praise Dance Teams. Come and grow with us, as we grow in Him, through our various forms of worship and praise.

The Helps ministry consists of Ushers, Nurses, Greeters, and the Nursery. Our mission is to help one soul at a time connect to Jesus Christ.

The Missionary ministry is committed to visiting the sick and striving to reach the less fortunate while serving God’s people. “For the people had a mind to work.” Nehemiah 4:6

Social Action
The mission of the Social Action ministry is to promote God's Word through social justice and community involvement.

Willing Workers
The Willing Workers are group of Christian disciples who work for the betterment of Saint Phillips Baptist Church and God's Kingdom.

Joshua Generation
Joshua Generation is made up of our youth and young adults, ages 35 and below. Exhibiting a diverse group of gifts, talents, and personalities, we come together to praise the Lord despite the temptations of the world around us, and set the standard for younger generations to follow.